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Paediatric & Adolescent Endocrinology & Diabetes Society - South Africa (PAEDS-SA)

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The South African Paediatric Diabetes Register

This register has been established in order to evaluate the current and changing epidemiology of diabetes in the South African childhood population. Information shall be recorded in a secure, restricted database and reports generated annually to assist in the understanding of the epidemiology and to provide valid estimates for health care planning and provision of services. Specific objectives of the Register include:
  1. To collect information on new cases of diabetes in children and adolescents (up to 18 years of age) in South Africa.
  2. To monitor and report on the incidence of insulin treated diabetes and type 1 diabetes in South Africa.
  3. Provide information on prevalence, incidence, demographics and geographic location to service providers
  4. To provide a framework for health care planning and provision
  5. Provide a framework for future epidemiological and clinical studies of type 1 diabetes

All children diagnosed with diabetes shall be eligible for entry into the register.

Inclusion criteria
The register shall include all individuals age ≤18 at onset of diabetes. Diabetes shall be diagnosed by standard clinical and biochemical features.

Exclusion criteria
No second source of information i.e. the information is not verified by a second source.

In order to register children in this register, could you please:
  1. Register yourself/clinic/practice as a source of information with the administrator. Upon registration, you shall receive a username and password to enter the register. Click here to view the registration form
  2. Enter the register with the username and password
  3. Enter individual children’s data on the form
  4. Please take consent from Parent or care-giver - Click here to view the consent form

Information that you enter shall be visible only to you and the administrator. Further dissemination of the data will identify each entry by a numerical code and not by name or other identifying information. Your entry shall be confirmed by the administrator of the register.

Thank you for your contribution to this register.

Advisory Committee